We are so proud of the puppy and happy to do business with you. It was really hard trying to take a good family picture, but just wanted to show how happy we are to have our first family dog/puppy.    
Shes been wonderful. So far no accident even during the 4 hrs drive back (not sure if shes somewhat trained) but shes been really good. Had fun doing her first Easter with us yesterday. She was a bit shy but after a few minutes, shes really opened and was fun to play with. She does however tend to lay/sleep alot more then as to being active, but I'm sure being a puppy, she'll need alot of resting.   Terri Lee, April 2019 

Hi!  I bought Troy (now known as Shippo)  from you around this time last year.  Letting you know he's doing great  and loving life. Despite his stubborn ways we get along great!

He's  easily the most independent, willful, and sassy dog I've ever known,  but he has the best personality!  I love him to pieces and he's great  with people and other dogs (some resource guarding with other dogs we  are working on).  He's also iffy about kids, but they always go for his  tail.

He's down to all hand signals and knows: sit, stay, touch, laydown, roll over, speak, high fives ( so cute) and how to dance.

Very  susceptible to learning which is great.  he also inherited a double  curl tail which is adorable.  I added some pictures as well.   Robert  Huizenga  Nov. 2016


We  purchased our shiba, Toby, from Fonda and have been nothing but happy  with him.  Fonda is as nice and helpful as they come and we were  constantly reassured that Toby was coming from a great breeder.  Every  time we take him on outings, whether it be to the dog park or just  around our outdoor mall, people stop us to comment on how beautiful of a  dog he is.  Not only is he great looking, but he has the sweetest  personality!  He has been the easiest dog we have ever had. Toby is  amazing with babies and children and loves to make new friends.  Thank  you Fonda for giving us such joy from Toby and making the process as  wonderful as it was!  We could not have asked for any better service.   Sheridan and Tyler  July 2014

 I'm  in my mid 20s and growing up I always had a longing for a dog  companion.  I decided on a shiba in May of 2013 and I luckily stumbled  across Dakota Shibas listings through puppyfind.  I appreciated the  thorough description of their puppies and details about sale/shipping,  the payment and terms were made clear.   I quickly fell in love with one  of their adorable shibas named "Rascal" and just had to have him!  I  was satisfied with the communication that was provided by email and  texting pictures/videos.  Fonda was happy to indulge us with the  cuteness as we became more excited for his arrival.  She also answered  every question related to preparedness as we were new dog owners.  The  transaction was smooth and everything was done as promised.  He was in  great condition, had a good temperament and was easily potty trained and  well socialized with people.  We really couldn't ask for a better  puppy!  We enrolled in training classes early and are continuing.  We  thank Fonda and Dakota Shibas for this wonderful blessing and he is our  spoiled baby for sure!  He makes us smile when he prances like he knows  just how good looking he is and he makes us laugh with the Shiba 500s  (solo race with himself back and forth) and his many other stunts.  I  will be looking to give him a female playmate once he turns a year old,  from Dakota Shibas.  Thank you again Fonda, I could never have imagined  how much joy "Rascal" would bring us!  Hadissah, New Jersey, Oct. 2013


Our experience with Fonda and Dakota Shibas was perfect.  We love our new dog, Stubby!  He is a happy  and well adjusted pup. Fonda kept in touch with us during the whole  process and answered all my questions.  Thanks!  Keven from NYC Dec.  2013

 We purchased our shiba pup,  Remington, from Fonda and we could not be happier.  Fonda was very good  at keeping in touch with me, updating us with pictures and all the  information we needed to know.  She always replied promptly and met our  needs above and beyond.  When we got our puppy, she was so healthy and  happy - the pictures she sent did not even do her justice!  All the  papers came with her and a nice travel crate.  Remy was so friendly and  well adjusted, she immediately took to us and wasn't timid whatsoever.  I  have never seen such a healthy, beautiful and happy pup - everyone who  has met her has said the same!  I HIGHLY recommend this breeder!  Jaime,  Oct. 2013 


I was completely  clueless on owning a puppy and luckily I found Fonda from Dakota  Shibas.  Fonda helped me with Pansy, a lovely shiba that they had, and I  was so relieved when speaking with her.  She gave constant updates of  pictures and videos.  Fonda is quick with replies and very informative.   Any questions I asked, she addressed with no problem.  Great customer  service and would buy from again! Thanks Fonda!!!!  Wilson, Oct. 2013


I  just wanted to say THANK YOU..........we purchased a beautiful shiba  boy (Dillon) from you a year and a half ago and I must say, we have the  best dog in the world!  He is the most gentle and amazing dog anyone  could ever ask for.  When I come home from work the smile I get from him  makes my heart melt......and yes he smiles!!  He was easily trained and  loves to do tricks.  I have a cat that he loves to chase around the  house but he would never hurt her.  I have fallen in love with this  breed and I will let you know when I am ready for another one.

Amy Montagna Sept. 2013


Hello  Fonda, my name's Patrick and we met about two years back when I had  purchased Bailey (named Vanilla at the time) from you and your loving  family.  I just wanted to say how happy I still am with her and to show  you a couple of photos in case you were wondering just how this gorgeous  girl looks now a days.  I just wanted to thank you again for your help  in getting my dog, she has been the best thing that has happened to me  in my life.



Hi  Fonda!  I hope you and your family have been well and are enjoying the  last part of summer.  Dotty has a new name, Nikkou, which means  "sunlight" or "sunshine" in Japanese.  She is doing great!  Lots of  energy and super polite.  She loves people and other dogs.  You must  have done a great job socializing her while she was young.  Everyone  comments on how engaging she is for a shiba.  She still loves her ball  the best of all her toys!  She is definitely growing up.   I am very  glad that I decided to get my puppy from Curt & Fonda.  If I ever  decide to get another pup to be friends with Nikkou, I will be going to  them again.  All the best, Joshua   Aug. 13, 2013


We  bought a shiba from you in May 2009.  I just have to tell you he is the  best!  I know shibas can be nippy and shouldn't be trusted around birds  or other small animals.  We named him Charkee Subaro Saku and he has  been raised around small children (my sons are now 5 & 7 years),  chickens and cats.  He gets along perfectly with them all.  He is very  protective of the kids and he has NEVER run off.  We have property in  the woods which he patrols during our summer visits and he absolutely  ALWAYS comes running when we whistle.  We were very cautious the first  two years but he has proven time and time again that we can trust him.   he is a beautiful and very mellow Shiba Inu, great job Maassens!   Sincerely, Rachel