Guarantee - puppy purchase



To  the best of the breeders knowledge the puppy is in good health and free  from any health defects  - we do not guarantee for any issues other  than health.   The puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to the sale. 

It  is recommended that the buyer have the puppy examined by a licensed  veterinarian after receiving your puppy.  This guarantee is valid for  original purchaser and  for one year from the puppy's date of birth.  If  the puppy were to develop a life threatening genetic illness, which has  been diagnosed by two unassociated veterinarians and is unable to live a  normal life warranting euthanasia, a replacement puppy of equal or  better quality would be available to you on the next litter available.   NO CASH REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping  costs of the replacement puppy. All  paperwork from your vet must be sent to us and our vet must confirm the  diagnosis before a replacement puppy will be discussed.  Guarantee does not cover inguinial hernias.  This guarantee  does not cover any conditions resulting from respiratory, bacterial or  parasitic infections or any condition caused by environmental  surroundings (allergies, mange or neglect).   This guarantee does not  cover Coccidia, Kennel Cough, Giardia or acquired worms as your puppy  has been treated for these and these are very common in puppies and can  be easily retreated should they occur. Inguinal hernias are not covered.

In  the event of death of the puppy, the Buyer (at the buyers expense) must  provide the seller with a letter from the attending veterinarian  stating the cause of the death along with a copy of the autopsy report.   The findings must be conclusive to reason of the death.  Only causes  due to congenital medical conditions will warrant a  replacement puppy.   Buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs.

We  make no guarantees for showing or breeding and highly recommend spaying  or neutering your puppy.  The seller assumes no liability for the  puppy  after it leaves our premises and is in the possession of the  buyer.  Seller is not responsible for any vet bills, landlord  disapproval, allergies to the animal, did not bond with the puppy and  temperament/disposition issues or any other reason not stated. 

Buyer  is responsible to be aware of the habits and characteristics of the   breed that you are purchasing and please do your research on this breed  before deciding and committing to the purchase of a puppy.  Buyer needs  to be aware of the training, exercise and temperament issues this breed  demands.  Seller will not be responsible for any of these issues after  the puppy leaves their premises.  It is highly recommend to attend basic  obedience classes with your puppy.

Buyer  is responsible for following up with the vaccinations.  Seller will  assume no responsibility for diseases contracted due the buyers failure  to follow up with the proper vaccinations.


Take  great care to protect your puppy from getting lost, stolen or from  anger or abuse situations.  There is NO guarantee for negligence.

Buyer  agrees to provide the puppy with proper care, diet, shelter and general  care including proper vet care, vaccinations and wormings.

Buyer  agrees that seller is NOT responsible for any vet bills, loss, death,  injury  or temperament/disposition issues at any given time after the  puppy leaves our premises.

Remember to enjoy your new puppy..........puppies are babies too and will need plenty of rest, love and affection.

All deposits are non-refundable.

In case any litigation need take place, it shall be done in county and state of the breeder of the said puppy.

Buyer understands that no other warranty or representation has been make regarding the sale of this puppy.

Print a copy for your records

No other warranties or guarantees beyond what is listed.